Install solar panels on your roof to lock in a lower electric bill than the utility. 

Solar Panel “PV” allows you to generate electricity for your home anytime the sun is shining you may utilize solar power to light up your home or export it to the grid to earn credits. With solar, you’ll be shielded from escalating electric prices, and you’ll pay WAY LESS for clean electricity over the life of the system than you would for the polluting energy from the utility company.

  • Lock in a low electricity price for the next 30 years or more. Less reliance on the power grid. Reduced carbon pollution from coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power plants


What Is a Grid-Tied Solar Electric System and How Does It Work?

1st The Sun Shines on the Panels.

Direct current (DC) electricity is created when sunlight passes through the wiring connecting your home’s solar photovoltaic panels. Grid-connected solar arrays do not require batteries, sophisticated wiring, or moving parts. Instead, they connect to the grid directly, allowing you to use the grid as a large battery.

2nd A solar inverter turns DC electricity into AC electricity.

The solar panels’ direct current (DC) electricity is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used in your home. AC electricity enters your circuit panel and is available for any active electric loads, such as lights, televisions, computers, refrigerators, and electric cars.

3rd Excess electricity is fed into the grid.

If your solar energy production exceeds your demand, the excess solar energy is sent to the grid from your home. This electricity is tracked by net metering. The utility will balance the difference between your solar production and electrical use at the end of the month, and you will either receive a credit or be billed accordingly. Credits can be carried over for up to a year.

Why Should You Invest in Solar Energy?

People are frequently startled to hear that solar energy outperforms typical financial investment products in Florida, and with good cause.

Consider the difference between solar and annuity. An annuity provides you with a monthly payout for a set length of time, based on a pre-determined interest rate, which is now around 2%. A solar electric system likewise requires an initial investment, but it provides a monthly “payment” in the form of lower electricity bills during the system’s lifetime.

However, the solar electric investment is pegged to a commodity – electricity – which increases in the order of 3% each year. With electricity generated from a solar array, you have a flat rate of electricity that is locked in, meaning you avoid that increasing cost of electricity and save a lot of money over the life of the array, which is more money in your pocket. If the upfront cost of going solar is a barrier for you. You may now trade your electricity bill for solar energy thanks to Ussolartec.

A Beneficial Cycle

A solar investment, unlike traditional financial investments, has a wide range of benefits: for example, a solar electric array will raise the value of your property by lowering the cost of ownership. You will receive an environmental return on your investment because you will be removing thousands of pounds of carbon emissions each year, which you and your community will benefit from.

Owning a solar electric array provides a great sense of security: you own a portion of your electric supply regardless of what occurs. You don’t pay more for the same amount of electricity generated by solar as the cost of electricity rises. When the utility rate for electricity rises, the value of your solar power rises proportionately.

Solar Loans are a viable option for financing.

Many people want to go solar but are hesitant to pay a significant upfront cost, or they prefer to think about replacing their power bill with a loan payment. There’s some wonderful news to report! Ussolartec can provide you with reasonably cost solar loans, allowing you to own your energy by going solar.

A solar loan allows you to finance solar as well as complementing technology such as heat pumps, water heaters, and electric vehicle chargers for a low monthly price with no upfront costs. Rather than renting power from the utility and being vulnerable to rate hikes, you can own your power and control your energy future with a solar loan.

What is the process of getting a solar loan?

Start the process by speaking with Ussolartec about solar. We’ll create a system for you the same way we’ve always done it. Then we’ll go over how a solar loan works and how to put together the greatest loan package possible, which typically includes complimentary technology like LED lights, a Smart Nest thermostat, and a hybrid water heater, all of which help to speed up the solar loan’s return on investment. Customers may rapidly qualify for no-money-down loans with set interest rates and several loan terms options.